Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Demon Doctor - 8mm - Jess Franco

Mountain Films of Great Britain released three (as far as I know) 8mm silent films from Jess Franco's GRITOS EN LA NOCHE. The British title of this film was THE DEMON DOCTOR, the American--THE AWFUL DR. ORLOF.

The first Franco offering from Mountain was titled, like the British version, THE DEMON DOCTOR, catalog number T217. The description on the side of the box: "Foul murders have been committed and the police are baffled. The inspector's girlfriend volunteers to act as bait. Can she help trap the Demon Doctor!"

Love the gaudy cover and the "Terror more horrifying than DEATH" tag.

At some future date, I'd like to uncover whatever treasures these 8mm films contain and could see using them for some weird horror project (with permission from the rights owner, of course!)

I'll be showing the remaining Franco releases from Mountain in the next blog entries.

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