Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Woman in the Coffin - 8mm - Jess Franco

This is the third, and I presume final, Mountain 8mm silent film taken from Jess Franco's GRITOS EN LA NOCHE. The catalog number is T220. If you notice, the other Mountain catalog numbers for this series were T217 and T218. So what was T219? Possibly a fourth Franco 8mm sourced from GRITOS?

In the past, I may have come across a complete, or fairly complete, listing of Mountain Films' titles, and I believe that T219 was not a Franco-related film. Can't be certain at this point, and I've not come across this list online again. (There are other Mountain lists out there, but incomplete.) My investigation continues.

The side description of THE WOMAN IN THE COFFIN: "Can a man mould and create his own beautiful mistress? Can flesh and bone be put together to form a female Venus? What mad schemes are unfolded in the heart of the dark country?"

In the original Franco film, this "mistress" was Dr. Orlof's daughter, whose beauty he wanted to restore. But there have been many incestuous currents running through Franco's work. Was Mountain Films picking up on this?

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