Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Night of the Open Coffins

This German trailer for Franco's DRACULA CONTRA FRANKENSTEIN, with its film stills and screams in the background, reminds me of "spook show" trailers shown in American theaters in the 1950s and early 1960s. As Francesco Cesari notes on the Latarnia Forums, a still is included that shows Antonio de Cabo in Frankenstein's laboratory--a scene missing from the more widely disseminated non-nude version of the film.

As the trailer reveals, one title of the film in Germany was DIE NACHT DER OFFENEN SARGE. English translation: THE NIGHT OF THE OPEN COFFINS.

Hat tip: Francesco Cesari


  1. i uploaded the Trailer, and i had to remove some (once even full frontal) nudity from that Stills Trailer :)

  2. there's one full frontal nudity shot of a screaming woman and longer shots from the Laboraty Scene originally.

  3. I have the Mike Hunter German cassette of NIGHT OF THE OPEN COFFINS and it is the non-nude version (despite having nude stills on the back cover).