Sunday, August 15, 2010

VHS Covers - 1

The days of video are gone, but the cover art endures in the memories and hearts (and sometimes collections) of Spanish horror film fans. The Bingo Video release of RETURN OF THE BLIND DEAD, titled here RETURN OF THE EVIL DEAD, to, no doubt, get in on the popularity of the then-more current Sam Raimi film, THE EVIL DEAD.


  1. I have this one. Yeah that Raimi connection was definitely there in that title.

  2. I recall my delight when I foudn a video store that carried this one. I knew it was around but could never find a store that had bought it. Then getting it home and seeing the really awful picture quality....I think the only other Bingo tape I ever saw was MANSION OF THE DOOMED. Pretty amazing that all 4 Blind Dead films had a VHS release here back in the VHS heyday.