Friday, August 20, 2010

VHS Covers - 2

This is the NTA Home Entertainment video release of AGAINST ALL ODDS, known also as FU MANCHU AND THE KISS OF DEATH and THE BLOOD OF FU MANCHU. A copyright on the cover states 1985, but the copyright on the video label claims 1987. The copyright was held by Republic Pictures.

What made this release unique is not the content, but the back cover, which showed a nude scene, alerting Francophiles that there existed, at the very least, nude promo stills for the film, a film that before had been considered free of nudity beforehand. Eventually, for Blue Underground's DVD release as THE BLOOD OF FU MANCHU, nude scenes were shown for the first time. Despite the photo on the back cover, the NTA release did not contain nudity.


  1. Yyp! I've got this vintage prerecord. This is the same version as the one on the KISS OF DEATH VHS released around the same time. Within the last year I collected the Ameican Video KISS AND KILL VHS, which is a totally different edit of the film, and my favorite version. It's tighter and more action-oriented. Here's the back cover copy: "The great Christopher Lee explodes in this kung-fu classic! Playing a Japanese mercenary, he's intent on righting the evils that roam the land. He's in top form, fighting off his enemies with lots of sizzling high-energy, high-kickin' action! As one one of the most exciting films of its genre, KISS AND KILL will keep you on the edge of your seat!" (C) 1988, Division of Power Sports Video